Prepare yourself for an unique shine.

An exclusive material combined with top quality materials
and minimalistic designs with high performing glossy surfaces.


Balanced lines and an unique shine!

Bagno Interiores unites a dedication to handcrafted detail with a passion for leading-edge technology. The result are unique products with harmonious design lines and the glossiest finish: strong and differentiated products from any other currently in the marketplace.

Custom-made Products

The company process allows complete customization of each product. We aim for the precise combination of architectural lines and construction strength.

Bagno Interiores Artificial Marble

Calcium Carbonate

Polyester Resin


Bagno products composition use  natural stone quarry waste and polyester resin. The Gelcoat  surface adds the following properties: absence of pores, anti-bacterial, hardness, strength, durability, ease of repair, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Modern Engineering

Refurbished raw material

High mineral composition

High-level acoustic insulation

High-level thermal insulation

Project Versatility

RAL colour catalogue

High level of surface brilliance

Gloss or matte finish

Great value for money

Usage advantages

Impact resistant


Easy to clean

No joints

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